Huda’s Bridal Shower

 I love Bridal Showers! 

From silly games and themed food to celebrating with the glowing bride and seeing family and friends, everyone is always in great spirits in anticipation for the big wedding day. Bridal Showers can be very simple yet sentimental or over the top and luxurious. This past February, we had the pleasure of hosting Huda’s Bridal Shower here at CMRCC.  Lucky for us, Huda’s family spared no expense to make sure that her shower was the party of her dreams! Bride-to-be Huda was picture perfect in a gorgeous all white dress. The party also had an air of elegance with peach and neutral colored umbrellas hung and installed through out our Mountain View Terrace Room courtesy of Art Quest Florals and Gifts. The Art Quest team did a beautiful job hanging each umbrella delicately from our chandeliers and adding some dimension to the floral centerpieces. Some of my other favorite details from the party were the bow shaped napkins with pearls and the cute donuts dressed as diamond rings on the dessert bar. Janet with Purely Captivating Photography was generous enough to share some photos of the special day. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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