Save The Date Saturday!

Wedding Wednesday already passed… so I thought to myself, “Why not make today ‘Save The Date Saturday’?!”

You found your wedding venue, so now what?


Many engaged couples who book with CMRCC ask us what they should do next, once they have secured their wedding venue and wedding date. Since the process of searching for a wedding venue and securing one can be somewhat long and tiring, we like to suggest that after you have booked your venue to take some time and have some fun! What better way to celebrate than to create your Save the Dates or do your Save the Date photo shoot?

In celebration of “Save the Date Saturday”, we wanted to share some creative ideas for your wedding Save the Dates along with some helpful tips to help you in deciding what type of Save the Date is perfect for you…

Tip #1: Find your style

Decide on what type of style you want to achieve for your wedding and incorporate it in your Save the Date. This could be anything from vintage, retro, modern or elegant. Or even a classic as a simple photo of the two of you!


Tip #2: Get personal

What separates your wedding from someone else’s are the personal touches that you include and share with your guests. Don’t be afraid to get personal and add these touches throughout your decor and wedding elements. Your guests will love seeing and learning more about you and it will make your wedding even more special and one of a kind.


Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to show off your personalities

Your Save the Dates are the perfect time to show off what makes your relationship unique. Play into your personalities and some of your favorite things. When in doubt, have fun and let loose!


To find the inspiration above and other ideas for your Save the Dates, search “Save the Date” on

Blog Post by | Lindsey Morales


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