Dave & Maribeth’s Fall Themed Wedding

This past November, we had the pleasure of hosting Dave & Maribeth’s festive fall themed wedding. Complete with rich fall colors, personal touches and pumpkins galore, their wedding was a perfect representation of a rustic November wedding day!

Here’s a list of some of our “CMRCC Favorites” of Dave & Maribeth’s wedding:

– Favorite DIY Decor: Pumpkin Placecards –

The bride made each place card with rustic colored card stock in adorable little pumpkin shapes. This was definitely one of the most creative place card ideas we’ve had this year and is an easy DIY project for anyone to complete.

– Favorite Decor Addition: Personally Engraved Pumpkin Lanterns –

Decorating the aisle for their Ceremony, the bride and groom had personalized pumpkin lanterns that had their initials engraved on the front of them. This was a small detail but definitely something special that the bride & groom could keep as a memento from their special day.

(Planner Notes: Adding small personal touches like Dave & Maribeth’s custom pumpkins is a great way to create a custom look to any wedding!) 

– Favorite Vendor: Digital Caricature Artist –

New ideas for Specialty Vendors are on the rise and couples are always trying to think of new ways to have something unique at their wedding. A favorite of ours at Dave & Maribeth’s wedding was definitely their Caricature Artist from JK Expressions. This is a great alternative if you didn’t want a photo booth as entertainment for your guests. But what was great about their artist was that they worked on a digital pad. What the artist was drawing was also transferred to a screen, where the guests could see what she was drawing. After the drawing was complete, it printed out instantly on a 4×6 picture. It was very interactive and was convenient for the guests since they could keep a 4×6 print with them rather than a larger drawing that you typically receive.


Big shout out to the fantastic vendors who contributed to the success of Dave & Maribeth’s big day:

PHOTOGRAPHER | Ribbon and Rhyme Photography
FLORIST | Simply Adina Floral Design
DJ | The Gig Entertainment 

Blog Post By: Lindsey Morales


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