Sarah and John’s September Wedding

Highlighting Sarah and John’s wedding for wedding Wednsday! These beautiful photos are captured by the talented Nick Mantzel of ABM Photography.


From a Polaroid guest book, to light sabers, mad libs,  and to DIY decor, Sarah and John had an epic wedding for their guests to enjoy and forever remember. Sarah and John was quite the crafty couple making their own decor. They used recycled wine bottles for table numbers and flower vases. A lot of of the bottles had their favorite quotes from songs and books. Some of the quotes came from songs from the Beatles and book quotes from Dr. Seuss. The couple placed mad libs on each guest place setting. This gave the guests to share their wedding advice, but with a funny twist! Check out Sarah’s dad mad lib.


One of my favorite moments from the wedding had to be the father/daughter dance and the mother/son dance.  Sarah and her father had a choreographed dance that started with a slow dance, then  danced to Grease lighting, then transformed to a hip-hop dance and back to a slow dance along with the song “My Girl.” It had everyone’s jaw dropping, smiling, laughing, and a huge applause at the end with how impressed everyone was. John didn’t start his dance off with him mom. He first came out with one of his groomsmen and battled each other with light sabers. Sarah and John’s mom broke up the battle and transitioned  to the mother/son dance. It was very unique, fun and different! Another cool thing they had at the wedding was a Polaroid guestbook and wedding app! Instead of a guestbook everyone wrote in, all guests took a photo of themselves and scrapped booked it with a short message. The wedding app was a wonderful way of guests being able to share their photos with everyone.


1391907_10151905370102943_84028123_n 563673_10151905367352943_1448311544_n 564567_10151905366047943_1268388921_n    1375138_10151905370142943_1762566319_n 1375952_10151905369057943_2109200508_n

1374130_10151905363317943_79684149_n1375981_10151905373627943_982126401_n 1376536_10151905372432943_723979810_n 1376541_10151905368032943_674225918_n  1377460_10151905378372943_1578077572_n 1378646_10151905372737943_904613657_n 1378660_10151905363417943_603201806_n 1378678_10151905376677943_1891688051_n  1379950_10151905370902943_463969263_n 1380134_10151905363342943_1811735356_n

Her wedding dress had pockets!

1393518_10151905370012943_393494996_n 1380299_10151905367507943_195173683_n   1381608_10151905368792943_270762765_n 1382035_10151905366862943_155754344_n 1382869_10151905364012943_994634566_n  1383587_10151905377402943_665781255_n




1379895_10151905375302943_1639840596_n1390577_10151905366357943_13743594_n 1391697_10151905375787943_654127440_n


These meerkats were handmade by Sarah’s grandmother. She was not able to come to the wedding, but made sure to send her granddaughter a very special gift. These meerkats were pictured in all of the wedding festivities.


Thank you to all the wonderful vendors who made this wedding possible!

Rev. Christopher Tuttle of Vows From The Heart Ministries LLC

Day-of-Coordinator – Nicole Manalo

Nick Mantzel of ABM Wedding Photography 

Bruce D. Battleson of Battleson Entertainment

 -Hotel Accommodations  –  SpringHill Suites Rancho Bernardo

Blog post by: Nicole Manalo


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