Flashback to Mya & Elijah’s August Wedding

 Chelsea Anne of Chelsea Ann Photography shared some wonderful photos she took from Mya & Elijah on her blog. It was such a pleasure working with Chelsea Ann. Check out her work below!

Mya and Elijah chose August 3rd, 2013 to become husband and wife. The day could not been more perfect being surrounded by their close family and friends. They had their ceremony at the San Rafael Catholic Church and reception with us. Mya chose neutral colors with hints of pink and oranges, which was perfect for a summer time wedding. My favorite moment from the wedding had to be the wedding games. It was a fun, interactive, and entertaining for the guests. One game the bride and groom were blind folded as they tried to figure out which one was their other half. They had about 3-4 contestants that they had to touch their shoulders and facial features. Mya tried to fool Elijah by wearing one of her guests blazer, but it didn’t fool Elijah! See all the highlights from their wedding below!

carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-016 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-017 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-018 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-019 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-020 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-021 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-022 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-023 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-024 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-025 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-026 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-027-1  carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-028 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-029 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-030 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-033 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-034 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-036 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-037 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-038 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-039 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-040 carmel-mountain-ranch-country-club-wedding-041

Florist: Cherry Blossom – Kiyoko Ando

Photography: Chelsea Ann Photography 

Day-of-Coordinator – Nicole Manalo

Videography: Vincent Video Productions

DJ: Music As You Like It 

Blog post by – Nicole Manalo


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