Chris & Emily

On Saturday, August 10, Chris and Emily celebrated their lovely wedding at CMRCC with their family and friends, who had a total ball! The main room and outdoor cocktail area were absolutely gorgeous with a classic finish. From the sweet treat bar to the rustic center pieces to customized bride and groom champagne glasses, every detail was carefully thought out and arranged in an elegant manner. To top it all off, red rose petals and candles were scattered around the room, making it the perfect romantic setting for this momentous occasion.

Chris and Emily’s reception was the perfect combination of class and fun. Instead of the classic father daughter dance, Emily took it to the next level with a choreographed dance to a mix of songs ranging from country to rap. This left everyone laughing and was a great start to the night, which was filled with a lot more silliness. During the cake cutting, the fun-loving couple left each other’s faces messy with white frosting before everyone was served a slice of the elegant white cake. But our favorite part of the night was when Emily “iced” her new hubby while he was grabbing her garter. Chris took her prank like a champ and was cheered on before tossing the garter to his friends.

This bunch was a great crowd! They had an absolute blast dancing, taking silly pictures in the photo booth, and mingling with the newlyweds throughout the night. Here’s a sneak peak of the reception from my phone!

photo (15)photo (1)photo (2)photo (3)photo (4)photo (5)photo (6)photo (7)photo (10)photo (12)photo (13)photo (14)
photo (16)photo (17)

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Marino!

Day of Coordinator: Nicole Manalo

DJ – DJ Kingsley from Injoi Entertainment

Photography – 8/28 Studios (Tim and Louise)

Florist – Tess Fresh Flowers

Cake – Edelweiss Bakery

Photo Booth – Injoy Entertainment

Videographer – Lee Rieber

Blog Post & Photos by: Claudette Linzey


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