4th of July

Independence Day is known for BBQ’s, picnics, family reunions, fireworks, concerts, but now it should also be known as the day Dan & Rosie tied the knot! The couple had a spectacular 4th of July wedding! From a mariachi band to greet their guests, ice cream sundae bar, to their guests being able to see two fire work shows from all our windows in the Mountain View Terrace Room! One of my favorite decors from their wedding was how they arranged the table numbers. Each table number was related to a fun fact about them!

1. Number of marathons Rosie ran in 2013.

2. Number of dating anniversaries.

3. Day in August Dan proposed in Rosarito.

4. Number of Padre ames attended in a single week.

5. Number o years Dan has lived in San Diego.

6. Number of nights Dan and Rosie will spend on their honeymoon in Costa Rica.

7. Pairs of shoes in Rosie’s car any given day.

8. Cities Dan and Rosie have traveled together.

9. Years Dan was a tennis pro.

10. Age group taught by Dan when he was a classroom teacher in New York.

Check out some photos I captured during the wedding. You must stay tuned for photos from their wedding photographer Darryn St. John!

photo-29 photo-28 photo-27 photo-26 photo-25 photo-24 photo-23

Special Thanks to all the Vendors of the night!

Photographer – Darryn St John – jsphoto@yahoo.com

Videographer – Joel Crisp of Crisp – crispvideo@gmail.com

DJ – DJ Receipe – Wyatt Head – whead1@hotmail.com

Day-of-Coordinator – Nicole Manalo

 Mariachi Perla –  antonieta.villatoro@hotmail.com

Guitarist – Israel Maldonado – israelguitar@mac.com
Rosebud Floral Design – Amanda -626.599.7673 amanda@rosebudfloraldesign.net


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