Weekly Wedding Tips & Trends

We’re back with some really amazing Wedding Tips & Trends. I really think these ones will really help you out when it comes to planning your very special day!

Number 1:

The wedding isn’t the only thing that brides & grooms have to look forward to: They also have the honeymoon! Honeymoons can definitely prove to be costly, so in order to help finance your dream get away, consider signing up for a honeymoon registry. Instead of receiving 100 towels or spatulas, you can provide your guests with the ability to help donate to your honeymoon. There are a ton of websites that offer this service & here are a few to check out! Honeyfund, HoneymoonWishes, and the Honeymoon

Number 2:

Every woman loves her shoes! Choosing the shoes you wear on your wedding day can be a big task. There are so many options, how could you possibly choose!? Well, I’ve found a blog post that might help you out just a little bit. Click here to see a variety of looks and ideas for your wedding shoes!

Number 3:

I know I’ve already done a post about wedding colors, but I found a webpage that was too good to not share with you all! Click this link to find 25 amazing color combinations and ideas on how & where to use them!

Number 4:

There is SO much that goes into planning a wedding. From the dress, to the flowers, to the linen colors, wedding planning is a huge task! Having so many different things to arrange and plan for can open the door to many potential uh-oh’s. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Click here to read about 10 of the biggest wedding mistakes and how to avoid making them.


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