Weekly Wedding Tips & Trends

Hello everyone! I apologize for our lack of Wedding Tips & Trends over the last week. We were crazy busy preparing for our Easter Brunch we hosted last Sunday (Which was a blast, by the way!). But we are back with some great Wedding Tips & Trends for you down below!

Number 1:

This tip is for all of you wedding guests out there. The Knot has acquired a list of 10 Ways Wedding Guests can ruin a Wedding. Check them out here and please don’t be any of the types of wedding guests they talk about!

Number 2:

It is an age old tradition for bride’s & groom’s to save the top tier of their wedding cake and eat it together on their 1-year Anniversary. I know, 1-year old frozen cake doesn’t sound very appetizing. Well, don’t you worry! Click here some great tips for properly preserving your wedding cake that will hopefully make eating it a little bit more enjoyable!

Number 3:

Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. Many brides out there aim to have a rockin bod for their special day and jump into a diet program. Click here for 9 Must Know Tips to Look Bridalicious on Your Wedding Day that will help you achieve the look you want!

Number 4:

We all know that wedding budgets can get pretty tight at times. DIY weddings are really helping brides & grooms cut down on wedding costs, but it may not always be enough. Click this link for 50 money saving tips that will help you stay on budget!


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