Weekly Wedding Tips & Trends

Once again, we have some great Wedding Tips & Trends for you this week! Check them out!

Number 1:

Choosing your wedding colors can be both fun and difficult. There are so many different hues out there, finding the right one can seem impossible! Lucky for all of you brides out there, 2012 is calling for some pretty specific colors. Click here to find out just what they are!

Number 2:

 For some brides & grooms choosing a wedding date can be challenging. It can be difficult trying to coordinate multiple people’s crazy schedules. There are also certain times of the year that are great for weddin…gs, and times that aren’t so great. The Knot has provided a list of wedding dates to avoid in 2012 and 2013. Click here to find out what those dates are and why they should be avoided.

Number 3:

I have an amazing tip today for all of you bride’s out there. The Knot has provided a list of the Top 13 Bridal Beauty Don’ts. These 13 tips will help you avoid unecessary mistakes and keep you stress free on your big day. Click here to read all 13!

Number 4:

All brides & grooms know how important wedding photos are. These pictures are a piece of your special day that you will have forever. Visit this website to find 50 Wedding Photos you can’t do without!


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