Weekly Wedding Tips & Trends

Hello to all of you! We have some really great and useful Tips & Trends for you this week. Check out 4 new ones below!

Number 1:

Wedding favors have been a part of weddings for a very long time. There are hundreds of different favor ideas out there for brides & grooms to choose from. Below is a list of the To 30 Wedding Favor Ideas for 2012. Check them out here!

Number 2:

Buying Bridesmaids gifts can prove to be a challenge. It can be especially difficult if you are on a tight budget and have 8 or 9 bridesmaids! This website offers some really great tips and fun options for finding the right gifts for your bridesmaids!

Number 3:

For all of you brides out there who believe paying for the wedding is the sole responsibility of you and your family, I have good news for you! There are some traditional standards when it comes to wedding expenses. This website provides a list of what aspects the groom should cover, and what aspects the bride should cover (traditionally, that is). This is not to say every wedding should follow these guidelines, but it can definitely help when it comes to divvying up the costs!

Number 4:

Centerpieces can make all the difference when it comes to the aesthetics of your wedding. Whether you choose elaborate or simplistic table arrangements, these pieces can really add to the overall vibe or your big day. Visit this website for 50, yes 50, amazing centerpiece ideas!


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