Weekly Wedding Tips & Trends

We have some really awesome Wedding Tips & Trends for you this week! Take the time to browse through these five and consider using them for your wedding!

-Wedding Tips & Trends from March 5 – March 9-

Number 1:

This trend is an oldie but a goodie. Monograms have been big in weddings for many, many years. They are still popular and can really add great personalization to multiple aspects of your wedding, from the invitations, to the cake, to the dance floor. Check here to see a step-by-step photo tutorial for creating your own monogram in Microsoft Word. Get creating!

Number 2:

Here’s a tip for all of your crafty brides out there! Vintage is in, and there is one vintage look that never goes out of style: The birdcage veil. I found this great DIY tutorial for making your own birdcage veil. Click here to see the step-by-step instructions!

Number 3:

Guest books are a wedding staple. They are a very traditional part of a wedding but lately they have been receiving many different upgrades. From quilts to postcards, guest books can add a great sense of fun to your wedding. Check out this website below for 27 charming and adorable guest book ideas!

Number 4:

Everyone loves a great dessert. Wedding cakes are an obvious staple in the wedding world, but lately, candy buffet tables have been making a huge splash! Visit this website for a bunch of amazing tips for creating the perfect candy station at your wedding. Your guests will love it!

Number 5:

Decorated letters have been popular in weddings for a while, but thanks to Pinterest, we’ve been introduced to a new and cute way of decorating letters: Use yarn. Yarn wrapped letters are fun and different and really add a great personal touch to your wedding. You can hang your yarn initials on doors, chair backs, and anywhere else you can think of. Click here for a great DIY tutorial and start making your own yarn letters for your wedding!


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