Weekly Wedding Tips & Trends

Hi everyone! So, I know I’m a little late but here are the four Wedding Tips & Trends from last week. Check them out, there are some really great ideas!

-Wedding Tips & Trends from February 27 – March 1-

Number 1:

Mason Jars are huge in weddings right now! From centerpieces to lanterns, jars of all colors and sizes are being used for wedding decor. Visit the link below to find more ways to incorporate these fun jars into your big day! Click here for great mason jar ideas

Number 2:

Is yellow one of your wedding colors? If so, consider using billy balls. Also known as craspedia, yellow billy balls are big in the wedding scene right now. These fun little yellow balls are great in cernterpieces, boutonnieres, bouquets, and pretty much any other aspect of your wedding. Click here to see how to use billy balls in your wedding.

Number 3:

One of the ways brides today are adding personal touches to their weddings is by changing up their bridal bouquet. A fairly new and unique way of doing this is carrying a bridal bouquet made of beautiful brooches. Whether the brooches are family heirlooms or recent purchases, they add flair and sparkle to a bouquet. Check out this great DIY Brooch Bouquet Tutorial to learn how to make your own bouquet.

Number 4:

I’m sure you’ve all seen those adorable tissue pomander balls that have been making a big splash in the wedding scene. These pomanders are great for hanging from trees, ceilings, ceremony structures, and many other things. They are an inexpensive, easy, and super cute way to decorate your wedding! Click here for a step-by-step tutorial for making these tissue decorations.

Tune in at the end of the week for more great Wedding Tips & Trends!



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