Weekly Wedding Tips & Trends

Hello All! We’ve started posting Daily Wedding Tips & Trends on our facebook page. Every Friday I will post a list of the tips & trends from the week on our blog. We all know there are so many details that go into planning a wedding and it can be very stressful. So, let us help! Visit our facebook page or this blog to receive some really useful tips and to get information on what’s popular in the wedding world! 

–Wedding Tips & Trends from February 20 – 24–

Number 1:

 When preparing to send out Save The Dates, consider doing something a little different and fun! We found this cute idea for DIY mini polaroid magnets that can hold your photo, wedding date, or both. This is a fun souvenir for your guests and a great way to ensure they save your date! Click here for the “how to”

Number 2:

 Every flower has it’s own meaning. When choosing your wedding flowers, consider the meanings of these flowers. It can add a great personal touch to your wedding!

The Meaning of Flowers:
Rose – Love Daisy – Loyal Love Gardenia – Joy Calla Lily – Majestic Beauty Carnation – Distinction Orchid – Beauty  Forget-me-not – True Love Dahlia – Good Taste Queen Anne’s Lace – Fantasy Peony – Happy Marriage

Number 3:

Writing your own vows? This website provides some very useful tips and ideas for writing your vows. It also gives a few ways to incorporate humor and your own personality into your vows! Click here to visit the website

Number 4:

The “rustic” wedding look is very popular right now. Burlap and lace are all the rage. Visit this blog and you’ll see all kinds of cute and fun ways to add a “rustic” touch to your special day! Click here to visit the blog

Number 5:

Groom’s cakes are becoming more and more popular for weddings these days. The Groom’s Cake can be traced all the way back to the Victorian era in England. It made it’s way to the United States and has been very big in the Southern States. It is now becoming popular all over! So, ladies, if you want a great way to recognize your groom at your wedding, consider a personalized Groom’s Cake! Click here to view photos of unique Groom’s Cakes

Stay Tuned for many more Wedding  Tips & Trends!




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