Mr. & Mrs. Cabradilla

5bySeven Photography did a gorgeous job at Mike and Jenny’s wedding. Mike and Jenny was such a fun and let me add stylish couple to work with! My favorite memory would have to be when I was driving the couple back to the country club from our signature 11th hole where they were taking wedding photos. As we drove up to the front all of their family and friends were outside waiting from them. Mike directed Jenny to stand across from her family and friends. Mike was in the front of the guests and music started playing. Turns out Mike had a huge surprise up his sleeve for Jenny. Mike choreographed a dance for his family and friends to perform for Jenny. It was like a flash mob. They danced to Michael Jackson’s “I Like the Way that You Love Me.” Jenny just had a huge smile across her face the whole time as they danced.

For more photos and information about 5byseven Photography check out their website and blog!

Blog post by :Nicole Manalo

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