Katie & Orrin

Sunday, September 4, 2011 yet another beautiful day for a wedding. It was Orrin and Katie Franko’s special day. Katie and Orrin is such a sweet and adorable couple. It was a pleasure working with them on their wedding day. Your Inner Song did a magnificent job with these photos. I was really excited to share all these with you once I saw them! Katie and Orrin had splashes of purple and magenta through out their wedding. I remember when I brought up the bridesmaids and Katie to line up for the ceremony I commented all of them about their cute dresses. Katie’s gown was gorgeous with a sweetheart top with touch of white flowers on her waist. Katie told me that she wanted her bridesmaids to pick their own dresses becasuse she wanted them to feel confortable and have a dress that fits their personality. The bridesmaids did an awesome job because though they picked their own dresses they still looked like they coordinated their outfits. They all had shades of purple and their colors were all incorporated in the groom’s and grooman’s ties, which I thought was a great touch!


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Blog post by: Nicole Manalo

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